Quarterly in the Fourth


As a candidate in 2016 I promised the citizen of District 4 that I would hold quarterly meetings to face the public and share important information about what is happening with their government.  More importantly, listen to their concerns first hand.  I am proud to report that I have kept that promise.

We have branded those meetings Quarterly in the Fourth and they have been very well represented.  We have held those meetings all over District 4 so that all of the citizens that I have easier access to me.  These meetings will continue in my second term.

I also promised that my DeKalb County Commission office would be staffed by professional individuals who understand what customer service is all about.  I have kept that promise as well.  I have the same office staff that I started with on the day I took office which is indicative of good management and leadership skills.

Our goal remains to have our constituent’s individual and collective interface with county government as positive and be seamless as possible.  We will continue to strive toward that objective.