It's time for a new day in DeKalb County. We need honest, ethical and transparent leadership at every level, especially the County Commission. As your next District Attorney, I am looking for partners who share this belief and are committed to making DeKalb County the best and safest place to live, work and visit. Steve Bradshaw is that kind of individual and he will be that kind of Commissioner. If you are ready for a new day then I ask you to vote and vote for a new Commissioner, Steve Bradshaw.”

Sherry Boston, DeKalb Co. Solicitor-General, District Attorney - Elec
Sherry Boston, DeKalb County Solicitor-General, District Attorney - Elect

The Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club has endorsed Steve Bradshaw’s candidacy for DeKalb County Commission District 4 in appreciation of his demonstrated commitment to the environment.”

Leadership matters. Genuine leaders don't make excuses for poor performance and bad behavior. They don't try to shift blame. They don't say that they forgot. They don't try to hide behind technicalities. They are responsive and accountable to their constituents. There is a simple test: are your phone calls returned? Apply that test to our current representation in District 4, and it is clear that we need a serious change. Change is named Steve Bradshaw. Change is how we get responsive leadership. Change is just a vote away.”

Thomas Brown, former DeKalb County Sheriff

I am pleased to "Stand with Steve" as the candidate of choice for the office of DeKalb County Commissioner, District 4  because of his genuine care and concern for the citizens of DeKalb County. Steve demonstrates discipline and follow through, sincerity and trustworthiness. We can count on Steve to raise the bar of honesty and dependability and make us all proud to be residents of DeKalb County again.”

Angela Moore
First Lady, Clarkston First Baptist Church

Honest Government DeKalb PAC recognizes the lack of responsive, ethical leadership in DeKalb’s Board of Commissioners - District 4. The incumbent of this seat has done a great disservice to the constituents in this district. We are proud to endorse Steve Bradshaw as the next commissioner of District 4. Bradshaw is running for county commissioner because he understands that unless we have a change in leadership, nothing will change in DeKalb County. Steve Bradshaw is a former United States Army Captain and a veteran of The First Gulf War. He has also worked over 20 years in the private sector, served on numerous Boards, a proud member of the South DeKalb Improvement Association, the DeKalb NAACP, National Council of Negro Women, the Stephenson High School PTSA, and is a member of Clarkston First Baptist Church. Steve Bradshaw has the skills, the vision, and the leadership qualities to turn things around in District 4 and yes, he will return your phone calls."

Honest Government DeKalb PAC

With his strong background in ethical leadership, and “get it done” attitude, we strongly support Steve Bradshaw’s campaign for DeKalb County District 4 Commissioner. We believe that Steve will be a transparent representative who will bring a common sense approach to the business of running the county and will work together with the community and local law enforcement to serve the county.”

Jeff Wiggs, President

During this campaign Steve Bradshaw has worked to understand the issues facing our men and women that include low pay in the market, high attrition and unsafe and outdated station facilities. His desire to ensure that proper attention is given to the areas of county government that truly impact the public safety of residents is to be commended. We believe that the taxpayers and employees of DeKalb County will benefit from his experience and leadership. Therefore, we are very honored to endorse Steve's candidacy for the DeKalb County Commission representing
District 4.”

DeKalb Professional Firefighters
International Association of Firefighters
Local 1492
International Association of Fire Fighters - Everyday Heroes

I have met with Steve Bradshaw and I think he is a highly qualified candidate who is motivated to serve for the right reasons. He will bring the integrity and diligence that we need in the critical position of District 4 Commissioner. We strongly support Steve Bradshaw's campaign and look forward to working with him to help create positive change in DeKalb County.”

Jeff Long, Founder


Advocates for DeKalb Animals (AfDA) proudly endorses Steve Bradshaw for District 4 Commissioner. We believe he has the best interest of both the animals and citizens of DeKalb County in mind. Our county is badly in need of sound leadership that looks out for those without a voice. We are delighted that Steve Bradshaw supports life-saving initiatives for companion pets in DeKalb County.”

I have been a resident of DeKalb County for the past 34 years. Moreover, I have been very involved in the community for the past 10 years to help ensure that our community sustains the quality of life that WE as taxpayers desire. Recently certain DeKalb County Commissioners and other elected officials have been plagued by multiple reports of corruption and unethical behavior. The DeKalb County Commissioners are supposed to be our representatives no matter what district we live in. Therefore, I am in support of a person with integrity who can restore the public trust and bring back the dignity that WE as a county should have. That person is Steve Bradshaw. I enthusiastically support Steve's candidacy for the District 4 County Commission seat.”

Joel Edwards
Community Activist
Co-Founder, Restore DeKalb

We deserve a candidate who is responsive to our needs and cares enough to engage in our community. In the last 4 years Steve has continued to visit City Council meetings and he has engaged our community in a way that no other candidate has. Therefore, I enthusiastically support Steve's candidacy for the District 4 DeKalb County Commission seat. I strongly encourage you all to do the same.”

Chakira Johnson, PE
Mayor Pro Tem - City of Stone Mountain