My Accomplishments:



- Unanimously elected Presiding Officer of the Board of Commissioners in 2020

- Unanimously elected Deputy Presiding Officer of the Board of Commissioners after only one year in office in 2018

- Unanimously re-elected to that post in 2019

Communication and Accessibility:

- Started quarterly community breakfast meetings for the citizens of District 4

- Started regular email updates for the citizens of District 4

- Started quarterly District 4 Mayor’s Roundtable meetings to strengthen the lines of communication with our municipal leaders

- Attended 235 community meeting and events 

- My office has addressed 1591 constituents issues

Parks and Recreation:

All allocations are from District 4 Park Bond Funds.

      - Allocated $150,000 to Johns Homestead Park

      - Allocated $142,000 to Hairston Park

      - Allocated $42,000 to the Hamilton Recreation Center

      - Allocated $215,000 to the Little Creek Horse Park

      - Allocated $250,000 to the Tobie Grant Intergenerational Center

      - Allocated $50,000 to ART Station

      - Allocated $65,000 to Avondale Dunaire Park Master Plan Study

      - Completed Bathroom and Pavilion projects in Wade Walker Park

      - Allocated $345,000 to Needham Park

      - Allocated $200,000 to Mystery Valley Golf Course

      - Allocated $1,000,000 for Phase I of Avondale Dunaire Park


- Allocated $1.5 millon to Sue Kellogg Library in Stone Mountain

- Allocated $2 millon to the Covington Library

- Allocated $500k to the Clarkston Library

Senior Citizens:

- Secured funding for a $7.8 million senior center for the citizens of District 4


- Hosted Resource Expo for DeKalb County Veterans 2018 and 2019

- Allocated $40,000 of District 4 reserve funds for the Veterans Treatment Court


- Voted to support the administration’s internship program which has employed 1000 youth countywide

- Allocated $62,200 of District 4 reserve funds to add 50 additional slots for the 2020 internship program

- Identified 24 interns in District 4

- Allocated $25,000 of District 4 reserve funds to start a RISE UP Leadership Development Program at Freedom Middle School


- Voted to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour for county employees

Blight Remediation:

- Voted to fund the administration’s blight remediation program

- Removed 4 blighted buildings in Brannon Hill

- Removed 2 blighted buildings in Waverly Place

Public Safety:

- Voted for 8% – 16% in pay raises over the past three years

- Allocated $30,000 of District 4 reserve funds to purchase new traffic radar signals

Economic Development:

- Allocated $140,000 of District 4 reserve funds for a study to determine business development opportunities in the Memorial Drive corridor

- Voted to Approve the SPLOST for infrastructure improvements

- Decide DeKalb Intergovermental Agreement (IGA) under review 

- Allocated $75,000 of District 4 reserve funds to Advance DeKalb

- Allocated $81,900 in District 4 reserve funds to fund a viability study for a Community Improvement District (CID) along the Memorial Drive corridor

Employment and Training

- Partnered with Friends of Refugees, Georgia State University, and other organizations to host a one-day job summit.  50 employees participated and over 560 citizens attended.


- Allocated $365,000 of District 4 reserve funds for Community Development to combat homelessness 

Professional Development:

- Completed ACCG Certified County Commissioner training

- Completed site visits with:

          – Sanitation Department

          – Fleet Department

          – Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

          – Geographic Information Systems

          – Community Development

          – Purchasing & Contracting 

          – DCTV

          – Planning & Sustainability

          – Peachtree DeKalb Airport

          – District 4 Parks

- Chairman of the County Operations Committee (2017 & 2018)

- Chairman of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (2019)

Fiscal Responsibility

- Managed district office allocations at 24% under budget in 2017, 2018, and 2019

- DeKalb County now has an $113 million fund balance

- DeKalb County now has an improved credit rating

- Instituted Internal Audit Oversight for purchasing items over $3 million producing costs savings to citizens of over $3,300,000


- Geraldine Copes Daniels

- Little Creek House Park Rescuers

- New Beginning Baptist Church 25th Church Anniversary

- Relay for Life

- World Refugee Day in 2017, 2018 and 2019

- Women’s History Month

- Stride Ahead

- Antioch AME Church 150th Church Anniversary

- Clarkston High School Cook It Angoras

- Jacqui Steele of Deer Creek

- Village Corner German Restaurant and Bakery 40th Anniversary

- Pastor LaMar Williams of Eternity Christian Church

- Jedidah Chapter 142 Order of the Eastern Star