Second Term Agenda

My primary objective for a second term is to build upon the progress that we made during our first term.  Other people can talk about what they are going to do.  I can highlight what I have done and I can commit to a continuation of moving this district and this county forward.

We cannot afford to start going backwards.  I cannot think of anyone in their right mind who would want that.

Public Safety: I want to continue to support enhancements in the pay and benefits for our public safety personnel.

Parks and Recreation: I will continue to allocate money for the enhancement of parks in District 4.

Blight Remediation: I will continue to support enhancements in our Code Enforcement and Beautification Units.  And I will continue to support the CEO’s Operation Clean Sweep Initiative.

Fiscal Responsibility: I will continue to be a responsible steward of taxpayer money with the goal of building our budget’s fund balance over time.

Business Development: I will remain highly focused on the operation and activities of Decide DeKalb and the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce.  DeKalb County needs to be perceived as “business friendly” so that we are in a position to attract the type of employers that we want.

Memorial Drive: I will continue to oversee development of a strategic execution plan for this vital corridor.

Senior Center: I will continue to oversee completion of the District 4 Senior Center so that it becomes a place that we all can be proud of.

Collaboration: I will continue to work collaboratively with all community stakeholders for the betterment of District 4.  Likewise, I will continue to work with my colleagues on the Board of Commissioners for the betterment of DeKalb County.

BOTTOM LINE: We are all in this together.