Elect Steve Bradshaw
2016 Candidate for DeKalb County Commission - District 4

The citizens of District 4 have suffered from a lack of principled, responsive and visionary leadership for almost eight years. Enough is enough. We deserve better… much better. I am running for the District 4 County Commission seat to make sure that we have better.

Nothing will change in DeKalb County until there is a leadership change. As voters you have the power to make that happen.

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Join the #standwithsteveD4 movement!

Create a sign that states why you stand with Steve Bradshaw. Include the hashtag #standwithsteveD4. Take a picture of you holding your sign then post your picture to facebook, twitter, instagram or wherever you want to share it. Spread the word that you stand with Steve!



Photo credit: Bob GlickSmith

Vote for Steve Bradshaw on November 8, 2016 
in the general election for DeKalb County Commissioner - District 4